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Ford F100 4X4 1970 V 1.0

Ford F100 4X4 1970 V 1.0

Uploaded by Alagoas modding

This is my Ford F100 4×4 1970 , it has the ability to load several objects , I made adjustments to the torque and it has a great capacity of traction , making it easier to pull trailers , this mod has its perfect collisions and takes all the space of the bucket.

PS : those who wish to modify and make new versions of this mod , please save my credits, because as you know produce a mod is a cumbersome process

Credits: Alagoas modding


F1004X4 (file size = 22 MB)


  1. Dave says:

    Great Work! My new favorite pickup

  2. Cam says:

    Your vehicles are great! You should make a Steiger Panther tractor!

    • Alagoas modding says:

      Thank you friend . ppr while I’m just working on cars. Not fully understand yet about modding

  3. rob hansen says:

    this truck looks awesome! but it can’t tow anything! it need’s more nut. it has a diesel motor so it should pull.

    • Cowboy2300 says:

      The f100s did not have diesel motors. They were gas. They didn’t pull all that much weight to begin with so that is most likely why this one won’t pull much

    • Alagoas modding says:

      To make this truck have more towing power involves a series of adjustments. for increasing the torque he had been with the very strong acceleration too. I tried to make it be realistic in relation to power. but I will fzr a second version with more traction

      • Kbsmoke says:


        When I tow stuff with this truck, it tows perfectly. I’ve done nothing other than adding a gooseneck hitch, and that is perfect.

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