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Ford F-250 King Ranch Edition


Uploaded by chubbzfarmz

I have a ford f-250 king ranch edition but have the truck showing in the store and in the game but when i go to purchase it says unable to purchase the vehicle,

could someone help me get this mod showing and working its a great mod. I have done all I can do from here today so passing it along for anyone else to give it a try……

Credits: chubbzfarmz


kingranchv1 (file size = 28 MB)


  1. diamondarchery says:

    hope someone get it working it will be so cool though when it does

    • chubbzfarmz says:

      Me too and appolgize I thought I had it working but cannot purchase so its here now for any modder to make as they wish of it and have a few i have sent messages too about it aswell….

      • diamondarchery says:

        I wonder if the game thinks it dose not exist

      • Jango says:

        maybe Rambow145 could help fix it cause it looks cool

        • chubbzfarmz says:

          I have sent Rambow145 a private message but he is very busy helping others so dont want it to fall on just his shoulders but Rambow45 wiuld do a great job, his truck mods are my favs….

          • Rambow145 says:

            I have looked at this truck a few times a lot of work needed for this one lol I can make it go and work right but then it needs textures and I am not good at that I am getting better but no where close to that point lol so if some one could take time to retexture it I would be more then happy to do it 🙂

          • chubbzfarmz says:

            thanks rambow145 appreciate all the help buddy

  2. Casey says:

    This truck would be awesome in the game.. Real shame it dont work

  3. chubbzfarmz says:

    if someonme would take time to show me to make these work i could make about 20 a day all diff models and accesories… i have over 30 trucks right now i cant get running but show in game just cant buy

  4. regularguy says:

    I got it to be purchasable and i can get in but needs work half the body is missing when getting in the vehicle

  5. afcbillsfan says:

    its throwing an error for the vehicle type in the game logfile. most likely, you have a specialization listed in the section of your modDesc that requires other specializations to be listed as well. i have found that listing all the specializations for the “car” vehicleType fixes this problem in my conversions…

  6. afcbillsfan says:

    last post was supposed to say “listed in the vehicleTypes section…”. dont know why it left out the vehicleTypes part…

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