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This is Farmboy002 I will be making a challenge to all that download and play the map. (Just For Fun) But first let me tell you a little about the map. There are no fields just a little community garden. There are three sell places for grains. Farmers AG, DeKalb, Brewery. Logs and woodchips go to the log train where their is a big lot for placeables. (Marhu Saw Mill) There is a tree farm/Garden Center were you can dump woodchips and buy tree’s and water.

There is a sale barn were you can sell manure, slurry, pigs, wool pallets and Marhu stuff. You can also buy water there to. There is a BGA and two places to buy fuel. Animals are milk cows, sheep, chickens, pigs… There are two other lots I made for more placeables. Starter vehicle’s need sold or reset to the farm I figure everyone will sell them and use there favorite mods? So to start out you will have to cut down tree’s and then make a field with a plow. Use the widest plow you can find…and you can create a field in no time. You can make some monster sized fields too. So now the challenge. Plow 100% of the map were you can make a field and become a billionaire with out cheating. Have Fun.

Credits: A big thanks to 812Farmer for helping me. All credits for mods in this map are in the folder of the mod. So look there…And thanks to all modders, Giants…


Fields_Of_Green (file size = 562 MB)

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