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FDR T220L Grapple Loader


Uploaded by Rambow145

I fixed the steering and the tracks It has working tracks now!!

Credits: First Day Reviews And Rambow145


FDR_T220LGrappleLoader (file size = 32 MB)


  1. chubbzfarmz says:

    yes they are on tonight so excited, thanks rambow145

  2. Chubbzfarmz says:

    If you have time Rambow145 you should track the Eurolvia Excavator I uploaded with the wheels, this track version is so much better i doint even want wheels anymore…. I also uploaded a colas wheel version but see you have a track of that one….. there is also 2 wheeled excavators that came with my Apache Demolition Pack i uploaded yesterday that would be sick with tracks on it buddy.

    • Chubbzfarmz says:

      not trying to bug either rambow145 just offering my excavators if you wanted to track a few more, they are super sweet bro

  3. Chubbzfarmz says:

    Apache demolition pack with truck trailer and 2 excavators is , and the eurolivai excavator is if you decided you wanted to have some fun, make any change youd like your work is better than mine lol……

  4. xactitans says:

    Rambow 145 10 days ago I submitted a mod and it does not work in game mabey you could fix it I would love it if you did.

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