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Uploaded by FDR Logging

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Introducing the new full functional LeTourneau
These machines are used all over the world and built to unload an entire logging truck’s load in 1 grab.

This is the first version of this mod, I have tested it thoroughly and it works well and has no errors. I built this to work
specificly with the logs on my FDR Logging Maps, results may vary with trees from other maps so let me know if
you find any drastic issues.

Credits: FDR Logging


I_FDR_Machine_LeTourneau (file size = 28 MB)


  1. LS15driver says:


    nice mod, but to big. Please set scale smaller.

    Watch this video, you´ ll see, the machine isn´t so big

  2. bobby says:

    LS15Driver thats not even the same model of this mod, the one in your video is tiny go look around at some of the canadian mills they are like tripple the size of the one in that video

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