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Farming Simulator Collector

Farming Simulator Collector

Uploaded by Joa

Hello this is the Farming Simulator Collector—LS09–LS11– LS13 Three games in the same i3D Whit MultiFruits
The map has the below features and installed mods
MultiFruits= Oat Dinkel Rye Sunflower Millet Mohn
Chopped Straw

Pig Beef Chicken2 Butcher has been integrated in the Village Hagenstedt
IMPORTANT you need to put the EggLayingStation_placeable from Marhu in your Mods folder
I play the map and I have no fund problems, but if you have bugs etc, please post a comment. Have Fun

Credits: Joa Giants CEKR11 and the others to the objects


OPPENs (file size = 443 MB)


  1. john deere 64 says:

    so is this mod/download a set of three maps or is it the actual games, LS09, LS11 and LS13?

  2. Eviltidi says:

    Cool to have all the classic maps into one.
    But I’m missing Rye Sunflower Millet Mohn in the seeders.
    Multifruit is installed and there are no other mods in the folder…..

  3. spookyrambo says:

    The map is great, except that there is no place to sell woodchips.
    If possible it would be great if you could make it without the multifruits also (I’m not a huge fan of multifruit).

  4. mike j says:

    you said “you play 3 maps at the same time.” does that mean the map is 3 times as big as in the 3 maps are connected? or is it all the objects/locations/roads etc. from the 3 maps is all on one map? i like both ways to be honest. 😉

    i suppose i could just download it and look….. seems…interesting.

    • mike j says:

      im happy others were able to see what the map looks like anyone want to post screenshots or a pda view? i tried to run this map but it just froze my game up every time.

  5. dennis says:

    cannot harvest millet or mohn(poppy) with any of my mods have looked for harvesters but cannot find. also have tried maize attachment too and doesn’t work either any suggestions? thank you I love the map

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