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Farmall 1206 Dually


exclusiveUploaded by Rambow145

I put dual tires on the back and fixed the power and it is 2wd now and it hooks up to the trailers too!!

Credits: Jughaid,Rambow145


Farmall_1206_Dually (file size = 25 MB)


  1. CanadianBadass says:

    does it have a frontloader console?

  2. Graham says:

    Wow thank you Rambow I like that mod thanks for fixing it and you do a great good with your mods as well.

  3. Chance27 says:

    I really like your mods and I was wondering if you could help me put a gooseneck on the larrington beavertail trailer. I think it would make that an awesome mod. I’ve tried myself but I really suck on giants editor.

  4. MadChild_DK says:

    The back axle doesnt fit at all, and there is several other small bugs..

    Once again, u managed to make a ALMOST nice mod, but still with those little “Rambow145 bugs” on it 😉

    I do not hate on u, but like i have said so many times before..
    Ur mods are NOT perfect, like u think they are.
    Spend a little more time on them, before uploading them, if u want to make perfect mods..

    I dont believe, that u cant see the bugs urself.

    • Rambow145 says:

      I was only asked to fixed it so it would hook up to trailers because no one would do that for months. If I go and fix every thing that I seen that needs to be fixed I would not have time for my youtube and other stuff that others want. I have videos on youtube on kind of how to do mods I will be updating them soon so they will be better. 🙂

    • Rambow145 says:

      I don’t know where every one is getting this that I said my mods are perfect, I say my mods are not 100% best or perfect but its a start and it kind of works. I say this in my videos all the time. now I do reviews on mods that others make and I might say wow this mod is perfect. BUT NEVER MY OWN. I Love how this got started and got shot all over the net lol brings my name up all the time so helps me even more good or bad but my name Rambow145 is getting out there and the ones that see All I am trying to do is help others will join me and start liking me, So thanks to who ever started this up helps a ton :)) 😀

  5. MadChild_DK says:

    Also the light’s do not work.

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