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Farm Sim hardware pre-orders start Tomorrow!

Farming Simulator hardware

Farming Simulator hardware

Farming Simulator Hardware

Pre-Orders are live tomorrow for North America (hardware only) and coming soon for Europe (hardware & Farming Simulator GOLD 15 bundle)! You will receive an e-mail when it’s time to order! The first to market custom Farming Simulator hardware, which includes Wheel & Pedals and the Vehicle Side Panel, will also be on display at E3 next week.

Enjoy unique features like:
Fully Loaded — front loader control stick with 6DoF
Mod-Friendly Design — more than 25 programmable buttons
Go for a Cruise — built-in speed dial
Woodcutter’s Best Friend — ideal for logging with cranes

Stay tune! Will keep you guys updated!

Remember to visit us on a daily basis for latest ls15 mods and tomorrow for getting the links for ordering the farming simulator hardware. Pretty cool stuff! Enjoy!

Click Here for More Info and Pre-order


  1. mike says:

    Any word on pricing yet?

    • says:

      Yes, it costs $299.99 to pre-order but Pre-orders shipping Fall 2015 🙁 let’s wait for it…

      Full prices:
      “Saitek® Farming Simulator Wheel, Pedals, and Vehicle Side Panel Bundle for PC and Mac

      Saitek® Farming Simulator Wheel and Pedals for PC and Mac

      Saitek® Farming Simulator Vehicle Side Panel for PC and Mac

  2. E.J says:

    Will it work with consoles?

  3. CastAway says:

    Will it do my dishes?

  4. Enrico Möhring says:

    Ich möchte es vorbestellen

  5. Karen Longo says:

    I can’t wait for this!!

  6. KAL says:

    So cool! Hey, can someone make a girl farmer? lol

  7. Ryan says:

    hope its made for mac too. man that would be awesome but you know they will charge a fortune for it

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