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Farm Sim hardware pre-order now available!

Farm Sim hardware pre-order

Farm Sim hardware pre-order now available!

Wait no more! Presenting the first-to-market custom Farming Simulator hardware, which includes wheel, pedals, and side panel controls. Saitek partners with GIANTS Software for complete compatibility with current Farming Simulator 15 game as well as Gold Edition, releasing this fall.

Enjoy unique features like:
Fully Loaded — front loader control stick with 6DoF
Mod-Friendly Design — more than 25 programmable buttons
Go for a Cruise — built-in speed dial
Woodcutter’s Best Friend — ideal for logging with cranes
Pre-Orders are now live for North America (hardware only) and coming soon for Europe (hardware & Farming Simulator GOLD 15 bundle).

Are you ready to bring your tractor home?

Farming Simulator 15 hardware

Farming Simulator 15 hardware

Saitek® Farming Simulator Wheel, Pedals, and Vehicle Side Panel Bundle for PC and Mac


Saitek Farming Simulator Wheel and Pedals
Saitek® Farming Simulator Wheel and Pedals for PC and Mac


Saitek Farming Simulator Vehicle Side Panel
Saitek® Farming Simulator Vehicle Side Panel for PC and Mac

Minimum System Requirements:
Windows®: 7 or Higher
Mac: OS X 10.6.8 or Higher


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What do You think about the Price

Saitek is asking dear friends?


  1. theo says:

    le prix est vraiment trop élevé pour le model de volant je trouve cela absolument inadmissible pour un volant qui ne sert qu’a un seul jeu et qui est consitué uniquement de plastique

  2. ERPILAS says:

    incluye los 3 monitores de la foto??…..

    • says:

      Saitek Farming Simulator Vehicle Side Panel with 6.6ft/2m USB Connector Cable
      Saitek Farming Simulator Steering Wheel with 6.6ft/2m USB Connector Cable
      Detachable Turn Knob
      Gas and Brake Pedal Set
      Pedals Connect to Wheel via 6ft/1.8m Connector Cable”

  3. guest says:

    I think it’s a crock, can get a Logitech G27 for cheaper….

  4. guest says:

    Its pre-order for northamerika not yet for Europe ! Pre-order for Europe is later

  5. zach says:

    200$ jan pran un

  6. mike says:

    For $300.00 you can keep it! That’s way too much money no matter how much stuff you cram into it! I could see $100.00 or maybe even $125.00 But $300.00 that’s just insane!

  7. Beep says:

    Yeah….$300 is way to much for me. I’ll stick to keyboard/mouse >_<

  8. EZP says:

    Wow…that things just looks and screams cheap toy wheel…until you get to the price.

    Buy the bundle and save nothing at all!!

    Wait 6-8 weeks for the drastic price cut…sooner if someone gets their head out of their arse. There’s bound to be a discontinued blowout sale…just after Christmas probably since they’ll hope to move some as gifts…but won’t lol..

  9. buzad says:

    Vraiment trop cher.

  10. Jake says:

    Like the look of it, but In order for me to buy it(going to anyway) It would have to have Gears. Because i like to have control and realistic control and feel of my game. If it had any sort of Manual transmission i would buy it. Over all it looks like a good looking steering wheel package.

  11. CastAway says:

    Looks ticky tacky to me!

  12. says:

    I’ve got some great news for you guys. In case you want to WIN Farming Simulator Hardware for FREE visit

    PS: I expect each and everyone one on the “3000 List” , you never know how lucky you might be. Thank you in advance!

  13. Mark Wheeler says:

    I was wandering will it become avaliable in the uk to buy and if so when? Also, will i be able to work it in the normal FS 15 game?

  14. guest says:

    Will it become avaliable in the UK? And if so when will it be?

  15. Even says:

    When can you Get IT in europe????

  16. Tanguy says:

    Pouvez me dire si on peut conduire tracteur et moissonneuse avec car sur les photo il montre que l’abatteuse

  17. guntis says:

    man patik es velos nopirt

  18. guntis says:

    kur var dabut mummurs

  19. Austin says:

    Can u use the steering wheel for the PC for xbox 360?????


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