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F350 Welding Bed V2

farming simulator 2015 mods

Uploaded by TriicksEnigma

Took some of the requests that I received for this truck. I added the rear work lights, made the strobe light bar work, and added a couple grill strobes.

I hope you all are enjoying this mod as much as I am. I love it! Make sure to keep giving me feedback on what you would like done to it and I will do my best to get it done. Enjoy everyone!

Credits: muddbone1-bed and wheels,TriicksEnigma,Rambow145,BigCountr


F350_Weld_BrownTan1 (file size = 53 MB)


  1. Casey says:

    Thanks man this is sick! Not to be needy or nothin but It would be cool to have the ford all black or all red

  2. regularguy says:

    Nice truck. Drives well lots of space to add stuff to it. I added a fuel tank and seed sack on the bed of the truck. Just what i was looking for

  3. Smoknya320 says:

    Does it have a gooseneck hook up

  4. alaska says:

    good truck need do me washable the beacon bar could be more texted.

  5. Casey says:

    I noticed that there was a plasma cutter in the back passeneger side compartment. and some stands in the back driver. Be cool if the compartments could open up. Would make it more realistic, like the 2013 duramax with this bed

  6. CaseyGarber says:

    could you make a truck that dose not have a flat bed and not dualy

  7. farmer tom says:

    CaseyGarber has a good plan

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