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Excavator Muething Grasmulcher

farming simulator 15 mods

Uploaded by Rambow145

This is for the Excavator’s, It will chop up the trees like a boss!!

Credit: HoFFi,Rambow145


Excavator-Muething-Grasmulcher (file size = 3 MB)


  1. Joa says:

    nice job

  2. HoFFi says:

    next time it would be great if you ask me before you publish my mod

    • Rambow145 says:

      Your name was on it. And I asked to use a mod before and I got a no and you know where that mod is now ? In a field rusting away because no one updated/fixed it to the way others wanted it so no longer in use. see it been there done it know how it is. and if you look at all the other mod websites this same mod will be uploaded on them too I didn’t upload it to them only this one your mod I got this from is all over too and I bet you didn’t upload it to them. that’s how it is if you don’t like it then stop showing off mods or uploading them. if you show them off even to your friends some one will see it and make it. 😉

    • Gnurgle says:

      This guy is a hack that does this stuff all the time. He cried about some skid steers that he says he “made” and didn’t get credit for, but he’s quick to make an excuse to throw up a mod that someone else makes with his name plastered on it in big bold text so he gets credit for other people’s work.

      If you notice you don’t get credit in the video at any point for making it either.

      • Rambow145 says:

        credit 24/7 in the videos from day one bro look in the descriptions there again more bs coming out some ones mouth with out knowing whats going on, love when ppl like this b**ch and cry drives me like a boss to do more for others. I do stuff that others ask me to do. because the modders you worship set back and laugh as they have the power to do what you want but makes them feel better knowing they have you and know you cant do it that’s why you asked them and it will never get made for you. I have ppl ask me to do some thing because they asked the modders to fix the things that needed but they didn’t get a reply for 6 months and still waiting you can talk sh** about me all day I will not stop.

        • Gnurgle says:

          You never mention HoFFi in the video, let alone “credit 24/7 in the videos from day one bro.” Again… more excuses and placing blame on others for your actions.

          How about this, I’ll give you a challenge. Since you say you are a modder and you claim to be so great at it… build a fully original mod, I’m talking completely from scratch… no biting off other’s work. Your own scripting, textures, dirt skin, sound package, and 3d model. Then pull a 5 star, gold standard rating on it over on FS-UK. Show us how “boss” you are.. Give us something original that exceeds the quality of the in game equipment, not this stuff that barely works after you go changing a few numbers in an xml or change the wheels out for tracks in the giant’s editor.

          • Rambow145 says:

            Oh really Credit: HoFFi,Rambow145 this what I see you. are you slow ? if so I am so sorry but you need to move on and get a life your to late on the trying to bring me down that was last week every one was doing that and they have moved on. so do the same before you get banned from the site. no one builds one from scratch every mod has something from giants.

  3. waldo_101 says:

    I downloaded the mod, extracted it and put it in my mods folder and it didn’t work!! PLEASE HELP!

    • Rambow145 says:

      Ok all you have to do is download it take the zipped folder and put it in your mods folder, If you did that then let me know and I will try to help more 🙂

  4. Terry says:

    I have unzipped the file and placed the file in my Mods, but it doesn’t show in my Mods, I have used tons of mods for LS15 and most of them have worked in my FS2015, so what’s going on with this one?? HELP

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