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Enns Am Gebirge V 2.0

Enns Am Gebirge V 2.0

Uploaded by Cybertron


version 2.0
# Increasing the Map # development of road # Fields made purchasable # added pedestrian # Two new outlets (Station & Gasthaus) # sale of grass, hay, straw and bales possible # Storage of sunflower & oats added at the Corn Exchange # storage of straw, grass and hay added # New dairy barn & hall on the main courtyard # New sheepfold # cows and chickens grazing moved # added new cropland

# further grasslands added # a further forest area # sawmill Marhu permanently mounted # a second pig farm (in this type of pole you have the not buy pigs, feeding with corn -> after seven days fattening the pigs are sold automatically) # error of V1 eliminated # further added details on the complete map # two new bridges, now 4 bridges to cross the river # new PDA view #

Credits: Giants, Marhu, Andy, Freak, CebuljCek, Steffen30muc, VertexDezing, GoldFox, Nick98.1, 820Power, Fatian, Modelleicher, BernieSCS, MrFox, Fendtfan1, MailMan, TheAgraama


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