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Enns Am Gebirge V 1.0

Enns Am Gebirge V 1.0

What is installed?

Dairy farm with cattle fattening & grain storage + several halls and two silage silos
Pig farm with beet and potato warehouse, two silage silos, warehouses, etc.
Sheep & chickens on a third held very small yard
BGA with adjacent Lohnunternehmen with composting
Sawmill, wood chip heating plant & warehouse

Two Country Trade & Horticulture
Butcher for sale of pigs and cattle
two villages
three forest areas
a lot of details
Standart Frücht + sunflower, oats and alfalfa
Slurry, manure, lime and compost Mod
Chopped Straw
Multi Terrain (when plowing, cultivating and sowing more angle on the floor visible)
Bushes, shrubs
Mountainous and Flat terrain
small – large fields

Credits: Giants, Marhu, Andy, Freak, CebuljCek, Steffen30muc, VertexDezing, GoldFox, Nick98.1, 820Power, Fatian, Modelleicher, BernieSCS, MrFox, Fendtfan1, MailMan, TheAgraama


UNZIPME (file size = 337 MB)

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