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Duramax 3500 dually ~~EDIT~~

fs 15 mods

exclusiveUploaded by kaleb hensley

Just added a hauler gate to the bed and fixed that back wheels. ~EDIT~

Credits kaleb hensley, rambow145, silverrookie


duramax_dually (file size = 65 MB)


  1. Rambow145 says:

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Richard says:

    Awesome. Looking for people to work with on some ideas i have. i have no clue to how to mod but have some great ideas.

  3. nonstopgaming says:

    kaleb hensley i have some ideas for a new truck mod but i do not know how to mod could u possibly make it for me? Its going to be a 2006 chevy silverado 2500 lifted with regular bed choose paint and decals like z71 and chevy silverado emblems and decals.

  4. Kalebhensley says:

    Nonstopgaming do u have a steam or a Skype so we could get in contact and I’ll help?

  5. canadian farmer says:

    thank you so much finally some one made a dully box one that is public

  6. John says:

    Awesome mods Rambow. I have made a lot of trucks and heavy equipment on sketchup. I would love for you to make them into mods for the game. They are realistic looking and should be useful. Please email me, I think they would be popular and useful. Thanks.

    • Rambow145 says:

      Ok some time maybe we can work it out but. atm I am taking a few days from videos, modding, looking at comments kind of. 🙂

  7. Roland says:

    i have some ideas for some mods also I am looking for so,some to help me out also My email is Roland is ,y proper name before it sue to be cody

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