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Drug Enforcement Agency Bell UH-1 helicopter FIXED

Drug Enforcement Agency Bell UH-1 helicopter

Uploaded by Skreek

First off, Thank you to Eisbearg for bringing flying into the game. You are my hero. I have been waiting almost a year for someone to bring flying into FS 15 because I have no idea how that works. I just stick stuff together. So I made a Drug Enforcement Agency helicopter to hunt down drug fields in Skreekton. It’s too much fun not to share.

I made it with my map in mind but use it on whatever map you want.
Scroll Lock activates your lift. It’s slow to lift off and not exactly realistic but once you get going it’s a blast! If anyone knows how to get the rotors to spin, that would be too cool.

Credits: Eisbearg, Skreek


Bell_UH_1FIXED  (file size = 17 MB)


  1. vectra62 says:

    Drug Enforcement Agency Bell UH-1 helicopter FIXED
    Einfach nur für die Tonne mach das Teil erst mal richtig Flug fähig und mach die Steuerung mal so das es auch funktioniert einfach nur scheiße der Helikopter da gab es in LS13 schon einen mit dem konnte man richtig fliegen was man von deinem Schrott nicht gerade behaupten kann!

  2. vectra62 says:

    Drug Enforcement Agency Bell UH-1 helicopter FIXED
    Just for a ton do that part only times correctly flight capable and do the control times as it also works simply just shit the helicopter as there was in LS13 already one with the you could fly right what one can not say of your scrap !

  3. Skreek says:

    Glad you like it. 😀 One cannot say enough of how great it is. Yes you are right my friend.

    • vectra62 says:

      You make time new helicopters and well is like now scrap the rotors rotate not even so so that’s just shit, or if you and / you can not tolerate honest reviews then you hear / on the modes etc. You / you have understood everything, then I have done! MFG. hahahaha from Hozki Polzki

  4. Skreek says:

    Just a note. This mod isn’t a functional helicopter like FS13. You can fly it but it is more just floating.It’s just a fun mod to fly around your map with. It has no functions. Don’t expect much. Thanks for the honest review vectra62 😀

  5. DAVE says:

    gert the controls from fs2013 or just convert uh1 from fs2013 to fs2015 and change the color to a non camo one take off the d-hals and put usa n numbers please

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