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Dodge RAM 2500 Heavy Duty V 1.6

Dodge RAM 2500 Heavy Duty V 1.6

Today there are my Dodge RAM 2500 Heavy Duty namely the only true original.

Price: 50.000 €
Cost: 50 € a day
KW / HP: 331/450 (Hemi engine)

He can pull both Lowtrailer and normal trailer by the towing hitch Universal.
Fuel consumption is within the scope.
Maximum towing capacity before the front wheels lift off: 35,000 liters

Credits: Micha the Modder


PickupHeavyDuty (file size = 22 MB)


  1. Don says:

    Gotta love these mods with NO drive train..shakes head!

  2. EZP says:

    To be fair, very few of the vehicle (car and pickup) mods I’ve meddled with have axles, etc. IMO, they are wasted polygons and memory since their absence is only really noticeable when flipped over…or jacked way up I guess.

    Anyway, I haven’t tried this one but it’s a nice looking truck. I’d just have to lower mine a bit though 😉

    • Don says:

      Maybe, but I just can’t stand that wheel assembly not centered on the hub or lack of a driver train..Just looks tacky compared to the ingame stuff.

      • EZP says:

        I do know what you’re saying…and can agree to a certain point…just offering an explanation.
        Well maybe an excuse 🙂 I would actually like to add this to a couple of my mods but finding suitable parts is hard. Making custom parts in Blender and getting them in game is much harder…and for me, it’s hard to justify that kind of effort. Hope you can see that side of it as well. If I could find and get permission to use some suitable axles, etc I’d be sticking them on my mods.

        PS…have a close look at the vanilla Lizard pickup truck. True there’s a round stub sticking out from the frame towards the wheels but the wheels just float and are not connected to it or anything else. It’s ok though ’cause it’s all hidden 😉

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