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Delta Del Ebro 15 V 1.0 Beta

Delta Del Ebro 15 V 1.0 Beta

Hello I put my multitasking map from Spain you can work in agriculture, livestock, forestry, fisheries, mining, public works, greenhouses care, fruit trees and vineyard.
-Original size map
-35 Fields (medium and small)
-8 Animal farms: cow-shep-chicken-beef-pig-lamb-bull-horse
-Cops: wheat barley rape-maize-potato-sugarbeet-grass-rice-rye-greenwheat-tomato-sunflower
-1 Vineyard crops: blackgrape
-6 Greenhouses: watermelon-strawberry-onion-pepper-eggplant-marihuana

-6 Fruit trees: orange-cherry-banana-apple-almond-olive
-SoilMod (new textures version)
-9 Construction/Mining materials: sand-gravel-rock-earth-concrete-oil-asphalt-tar-cement
-20 Consumer products: oliveOil-sunflowerOil-redwine-bread-backwaren-barn-wheatflour-cornflour-barleyflour-sugar-yogurt orange-yogurt banana-yogurt cherry-buttermilk-milk-fresh milk-butter-chese-water
-4 fish types: orata-redmullet-crawfish-eel
-Fish Market
-Cooperative oil’s
-Wine cellar
-Fishing areas
-Sell wool factory
-Cooperative for sell crops/fruits
-4 supermarkets for sell products
-Grow shop for sell marihuana
-Oil rig
-Concrete/Asphalt factory
-Bread factoy
-Milk/Chese/Butter factory
-Yogurt factory
-Sugar factory
-Fish nurseries (storage of live fish)
-Flour mills
-Water raft (for water storage)
-Map buyable objects
-Mountain forest area
-Vehicle shop CLAAS
-Large farm
-Caterpillar garaje

Credits: RacheT13


MapDDE15UnzipME (file size = 698 MB)

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