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DebugToggleSwitch V 1.0

DebugToggleSwitch V 1.0

To be able to activate the vehicle debug mode without further knowledge. So really, you watch, for example, how much hp, a tractor has.
DebugToggleSwitch simply place somewhere, then drive a vehicle through. Now the Debug View is activated. If you drive by again, they will be deactivated.

The Debug View displays the currently selected Characteristica device. You have to go with ‘G’ on the desired device then if necessary. Furthermore, this is a global switch. The is then always active for each vehicle.
So you have a tractor where you are just in the mountain forest and wonders why nothing goes. It goes into a vehicle which is near the DebugToggleSwitch, drive alone in the DebugToggleSwitch and returns to the tractor. One needs to DebugToggleSwitch so actually only once.

Credits: Eisbearg


DebugToggleSwitch (file size = 259 KB)

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