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This is the Final of the Cummins 24 Valve, both Stack and Regular Exhasut Versions are now completed.

This One i have added Led pods with Red halos where the fog lights go. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Credits: Cummins18, kaleb hensley


Cummins2Final (file size = 54 MB)


  1. randy says:

    great job on the mods! i have the other versions also. keep it up

  2. randy says:

    oh and was wondering if you could make one with a flatbed. and i little better grip please 🙂 it would be really useful

  3. jcbrobbie says:

    hey man grate work could u look into maybe camo or that i think that would be very cool and maybe make like a pj and a bumber tow trailer to go with this keep up the good work jcbrobbie

  4. Cummins18 says:

    Hey guys, if you would like any lightbars or halos put on your trucks let me know id be glad to do it

  5. wyatt says:

    i was wondering if you could but a gooseneck hookup in it thx

  6. kaleb hensley (V&R) says:

    All this mod is pieces of other mods that he copied and pasted over onto this truck. There are a lot of theses stupid trucks out there and there all ok…, And btw +Cummins18 When you edit mods you have to put the names of the modders before that made it to. Good tips there you go…!!!…!!! CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL DOWN BELOW !!!!!

    ~> <~

    • Cummins18 says:

      I’m not one to argue, but yes the truck body wasn’t made by me, but everything else was put on by me, I made the truck to my liking, and thought I would share it with others also to enjoy it. The Halos on the light bars, I was the first to do it, its something simple but affective.

  7. kaleb hensley (V&R) says:

    Im not tring to start anything either, But the tailgate isn’t yours that headaqe rack aint yours those wheels and tires aren’t yours or that crome tip isn’t dude im a modder I know stuff. But the mod looks great from this view. also btw the headaqe rack and the tailgate are mine…I kaleb Hensley/Duramax_Nation made them.SO I should be in the damn credits and a lot other peeps should be too its not just you bud…

  8. Cummins18 says:

    I don’t know much about modding, I understand ur upset I didn’t put you in the credits but theres nothing I can do now

  9. tom says:

    hi I live this mod but I have a 2002 chevy duramax 2500 with ext cab short box. would that be possible to make that?. thanks

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