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This version has soybeans, sorghum, sunflowers, and oats plus beef and pig fattening barns. Additionally there are 3 new sell points for the fattening system.
I have tried to include everything that was requested. You be the judge!
Nothing has been moved so your course play routes should work. You will need to start a new saved game due to some terrain and foliage changes.

There are several mods that will be needed to make this map work properly. They aren’t needed for it to work, it just won’t work at its best.
These mods are:

Soil Management Mod by: Freelance Modding Crew – version 2.0.48
Chopped Straw Mod by: webalizer, Decker_MMIV – version 15.0.05
Multifruit and Multifruit Module Standard (2 separate files) by: upsideDown version 3.0

Change Log
Repaired water plane
Removed obstruction in Cattle Sales Driveway
Made traffic go a little faster

Added soil mod.
Added beef and pig fattening mods plus sell points.
Added more fruits – soybean, sorghum, sunflower, and oat.
Added straw mod.
Added milktruck triggers and sell markers for those who want to haul their own milk.
Added another traffic spline that crosses the bridges.
Added mixing station mod.
Made some minor adjustments or additions to the appearance of some map items. Does not affect game play.
Turned buy point in dealer so you won’t reappear inside wall.
You now own 2 more fields. (12-13)

A big thank you to everyone that created something or made comments ( good or bad) for this project! THANK YOU!

Credits: spider100, Axel_of_sweden, Kaznall / Sams, Sandgroper, Petter84, Sandgroper, Frisco0177, möchtegernbauer, Pandahma, Senator203, epic_pryda, Ziuta, Giants, Jengske_BE, Mike Lowery, Decker_MMIV, Bassaddict, webalizer, Marhu, Silversnakej42


Crystal_Falls_2015_V2 (file size = 578 MB)


  1. John says:

    Could not get map to open

  2. Jason says:

    Could not get additional fruits out of storage silo. Also could you add conveyor system to the straw, chaff, and hay storage barns. Thanks great map otherwise.

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