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Wellcome to the crown of Aragon Map, here you can find 39 fields for crops, 10 fields for grass and 13 fields for fruit trees.
There are three types of cattle fattening, pigs, chicken and beef. You will also have standard cows and sheeps.
Installaltions for flour, bread, sugar and salt. Olive oil at the mill and BGA installations.

Recommended mods:

Recommended mods:
PistVan Boxy v1.1

PistVan Box v1.1

Umbrella Estupiña
ROS Transport- und Lagerbox
Renault Integral

Corrected errors traffic, textures and manuals lights


OPEN_Mapv1.1 (file size = 483 MB)


  1. david says:

    hello i was trying to load the map but it does not seem to load, there is no message at the bottom of the screen to say game loading. am i doing anything wrong?? thanks

  2. Rambow145 says:

    I was going to use And show off this map but the rar stopped me because 1 hour to down load it then 1 hour to get the rar to a zip to long and rar is slower to down load then zips or it is for me. 🙁 I only have 3mbps up and down.

    • says:

      3 MB/s is usually your upload/download speed or you encounter this only during these hours on our network only?

      PS: What do you think about the PINK? Looks Bad or Good?


      • Rambow145 says:

        3 mbps is my all time speed I could get up to 100mbps up and down but that would cost tons lol 10mbps is aound 300$ a month. live way out in the woods about lol. I liked green 🙂

      • john deere 64 says:

        i prefer the the green its more your colour 🙂

  3. adonde says:

    ¿por qué no puedo vender el girasol?
    No hay un precio que se muestra
    Cuando Molino de Harina me sale nada para el trigo o el maíz y la cebada

  4. adonde says:

    me sale nada por la sal

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