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Conveyor belt for LS15. Have fun!

Credits: Bastian03


FoerderBand (file size = 4 MB)


  1. Daft Bugger says:

    This looks exactly the same as the conveyor made by Marhu!!!

  2. mike j says:

    tbh ive seen several of his mods being put into this game with his permission. the gist of what ive seen is he just isnt doing farm sim 2015 anymore. i could be totally wrong thats just my impression from reading comments in forums and on mod descriptions on various mod sites. that being said, ive seen belts around but never got around to trying them out, i grabbed these and they work excellently.

    i put 3 in line to move grain from a truck to a large field container, the container ir impossible to move once it gets grain into it and i put it in a stupid place for trucks to back into to unload so with these i can just pull up dump and move on 😉 im going to set some up for grass clipping too, screw all that driving up the grass pile to unload ill just move it from the field to the facility.

  3. Hein Blubber says:

    Just take a look inside:

    Copyright (C) Marhu, All Rights Reserved.

    It is a 1:1 copy of Marhu’s belt, no change, nothing added. For this, Marhu doesn’t give permission.

    ’nuff said.

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