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Version 1.0 does:
Change Silos: 100.000
Change Eggs: 100
Change Money: 100.000

Credits: The Farmer


cheats (file size = 114 KB)


  1. ColBoy says:

    If your going to have to cheat, why don’t you just edit the savegame xml file, give yourself 50 billion dollars, or even better yet 100 billion, then you can buy all the fields & the biggest machinery, tractors, trucks etc and then you don’t need to play the game anymore. rotf&lmfao

    • mike j says:

      modders use the cheat because it is quicker to press say f12 to add money to your game to buy the mod you just made and test it. other people want to have a trust fund style of play a retired or dead relative left them a bunch of money and a farm etc.

      no one is going to have to cheat. its a sp game its called modifying your game to suit your personal play style. this particular script is worthless to me it is not even close to being what i would use.

  2. Justin says:

    How do you change the silos?

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