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Cereals GmbH Desert V 1.0 Beta

Cereals GmbH Desert V 1.0 Beta

The Map of cereals GmbH gaming community.
The map must be unpacked then once there you will find the modpack and once the map.
This time, in a world of sand, rocks and dirt, a world for the tough guys 🙂
Beta status is because another part of the map is expanded.
Free water on the map? Forget it 🙂
For meadows have to sacrifice your fields.
Some fields have yet to be created.
Water can be stored on the farm.

Some lanes could cut down from the tractor you at high speeds.
Hydroelectric power plant your manure supplies and can pick up water.
Whey for the pig can be brought in DeKalb Faktory.
Water is available in Dorf1 at the fountain or Dorf2 the garden center.
Seed from the factory can you sell or store on the farm.
Compound feed if you have too much times you can also sell.
Required Mods:
Animated Map trigger
Beige Lined Slurry manure lime Mod
Universal Process Kit
The enclosed Mods MUST BE in the mod folder otherwise the map does not work. !
The mod zzzCompost_soil may not be in the mod folder. !
The Compostmaster not produce Compost_Soil but Compost to store, sell and fertilizing.
The information presented on the map Compost fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, NPK fertilizer, phosphorus fertilizer, potash fertilizer can be used with the standard vehicles! Do you want to mod trailers and Compost drive ensures that the trailer the entry “compost” has.
The load of water works with the keyboard so down arrow and Enter key

Credits: thejoker1976


Getreide_GmbH_Wueste (file size = 536 MB)

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