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Map tested for the game Farming Simulator 15.
By terrain maps scattered bought 14 fields of various sizes. In most of these fields, grow crops: potatoes, beets, canola, corn, barley, wheat. On the territory of cards engaged in animal husbandry chickens, sheep and cows. The purchase of fertilizers and seeds.

Additionally, he added fashion: swine, calves, sawmill, sales of silage Pickup milk, livestock market, ChoppedStraw, GuelleMistMod.

In this version 2 Final, performed the change:
– Replaced the texture of the earth;
– On the map Add lime / kalk;
– On the map Add GuelleMistMod;
– On the map Add Chopped Straw;
– Removed collisions from some bushes and trees;
– Changed the name of the card in a foreign language;
– Added labels modes “Grain Elevator”, “Transport company”;
– Updated the calf shed and a pigsty (SchweineMast v5.0.0 -Marhu) to version 5.0.0;
– To increase the size of triggers unloading at the storage of cereals and root crops, seed and fertilizer unloading, feeding the cows and sheep milk loading, storage /
sale of wood chips;
– Add a point “Cattle market” (ViehMarkt v2.0.0 – Marhu) for the purchase of a subsequent transportation to his farm for fattening piglets and calves;
– Fixed little things … that many people do not notice;
– Improved instruction.

Additional modes included with the card:
AnimationMapTrigger – author Xentro – vertexDezign.
ZZZ_multiFruit_Standart – author upsideDown.
ZZZ_multiFruit – author upsideDown.
GuelleMistMod – author of TMT.
KroegerOverload – author Mario.
ShoppedStraw – by Webalizer.
StopMilkSale – author Marhu, Outbase52, REL1981.
Fliegl_Animal_Transport_Pack – author Marhu, Farmer_Andy.

Credits: Игорь Емельянов


srednjaja_polosa_rossii (file size = 674 MB)


  1. Киокдан says:

    Привет карта мне очень понравилась, не совсем плоский ланшавт, интересные примочки просто класс, НО солома не собирается вообще не какая !!! Это сильно портит игру Вы сами тестировали игру? Моно смесь не сделать, денег на самом сложном вареанте игры не подзароботать, исправьте плиз и скинте мне пожалуйста ссылку на новою исправленную версию !!!

  2. Мигель says:

    исправьте плиз и скинте мне пожалуйста ссылку на новою исправленную версию !!!


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