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Uploaded by Peppe978

-mods per fs13 by 352c;
-Conversione, texture specular, dirty, cappello fumi, particle, fari ricostruiti, animazioni quadro, modifiche e in game Fs15 by Peppe978.
Le versioni hanno:
– Tetto removibile con tasto key7
– barra traino mobile key mouse sx
– camera indoor mobile key mouse dx
– aggiunta dei pesi frontali Key y
– video camera aggiuntiva

– quadro comandi animato
-cappello fumi animato.
Completo di polvere, tracce, sporco lavabile, animazione quadro rpm, olio, acqua, pressione.
Consiglio: se usate la driveControl attivate il 4wd (tasto shift+4 5 6)
VIETATO MODIFICARE … ritexturizzare o fare edit o modificare o anche in parte la mod!
Credits :
-mods for FS13 by 352c ;
-Conversion , Specular texture , dirty , hat smoke , particle , reconstructed headlights , animation framework , and changes in game FS15 by Peppe978 .
The versions are :
– Removable Roof with key7 button
– Mobile drawbar left mouse key
– Bedroom furniture indoors key mouse dx
– Addition of front weights Key y
– Additional room videos
– Dashboard animated
cap, covers animated smoke .
Full of dust , traces , washable dirt , animation framework rpm , oil, water , pressure.
Tip: if you use the DriveControl activate the 4wd ( shift + 4 5 6 ) button
NO CHANGE … to change texture or do edit or modify or even part of the mod !
-mods für FS13 von 352c ;
-konvertierung , Specular Textur , schmutzig, Hut Rauch , Partikel, rekonstruierte Scheinwerfer, Animations-Framework , und Änderungen in Spiel FS15 von Peppe978 .
Die Versionen sind:
– Abnehmbares Dach mit KEY7 Taste
– Mobil Deichsel linke Maustaste
– Schlafzimmermöbel drinnen Schlüssel Maus dx
– Zusatz von Frontgewichte Key y
– Zusätzliche Zimmer -Videos
– Armaturenbrett animiert
Mütze, um den animierten Rauch.
Voller Staub, Spuren , abwaschbar Schmutz, Animations-Framework Umdrehungen pro Minute , Öl, Wasser , Druck .
Tipp: Wenn Sie die Drivecontrol aktivieren Sie die 4wd verwenden (Shift + 4 5 6 ) Taste
KEINE ÄNDERUNG … Textur zu ändern oder zu bearbeiten tun oder zu modifizieren oder auch nur einen Teil der Mod !

Credits: Peppe978 – 352c


UploadedNet or Sellfy (file size = 25 MB)


  1. wolf says:

    è possibile un linck alternativo x scaricare la mod ?
    You can be an alternative link to download the mod?

    • says:

      I suggest use a “uploaded download generator” such as to get any mods hosted on uploadednet servers.


  2. Rambow145 says:

    The UploadedNet is going to take your site out the link is very bad and I have never got to the mod all I can get to is stuff that pops up saying my pc has virus’s on it and to call some number and if I didn’t know better I would then click ok and then I would for sure have a virus on my pc.

    I think if they can’t upload the mod to the site then no need to waste the time.

    I don’t know if this is how it is for everyone but it is for me.

    • says:

      As suggested to wolf, just use uploaded download generators to download any mods hosted on uploaded servers.



  3. guest says:

    Well, technically Giants’ terms and conditions say that we are not to receive money for mods, which that sellfy link violates, so maybe there should be an IP ban against the uploader, and any evidence should be handed over to giants

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