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Case Patriot 3230


Uploaded by Angus987

This is a Case 3230 self-propelled sprayer. Spray particles aren’t the same as the in-game ones but it works and looks good. This also has a problem with Drive Control, if you don’t have it it will work fine.

I promise I never stole this mod off Lindbejb, he does great mods and I respect him. If you are going to upload/edit, leave me as one of the authors. Otherwise, have fun with this!

Credits: Angus987


Case_Patriot_3230 (file size = 13 MB)


  1. Cowboy2300 says:

    Hey, any chance youre going to the national FFA convention in Louisville Kentucky?

    • Angus987 says:

      No sorrry, I live in New Zealand. Thanks for the support though. Any WIP stuff?

      • Cowboy2300 says:

        No, not currently. Been too busy with school. I also like hunting so when I’m done with homework I usually go hunting and then it’s too late to work on mods. Plus I have cows and horses to take care of. I wish I had time to work on stuff though

  2. TRACE says:

    I love it

    • Angus987 says:

      Hey TRACE,
      Thanks a lot! good to hear someone likes my conversion! At the moment I’m work in on the JD 2410 from FS13. It may work, but no guarantees.


  3. Stephen says:

    It’s a great machine. I wanted to replace all my tote mount sprayers with 8 of these but can’t… you can’t hire help with these and can’t run 8 at one time if I have to do them manually.

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