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Bunker Silos Hud V 2.0

Bunker Silos Hud V 2.0

BunkerSilosHud v2.0
The BunkerSilosHud displays the bunker silos’ fill levels, their states, the distribution of the separate sections etc. It also supports the additional features of the FahrsiloExtension script, including the rotting and compression of each section.
In addition, the BGA’s bunker fill level is displayed. If you have upsidedown’s BGAextension installed, additional information like the dry matter percentages, bonus fill levels, power, feeding rate and a graph showing the power history of the past 48 hours are displayed.

Furthermore it displays the fill levels of the liquid manure tanks. In addition to the default tanks (BGA/cows), Marhu’s pig fattening and skydancer’s ManureLager are supported.

The hud is controlled with the mouse cursor (button click on the arrows or scrolling). If a section is scrollable, a small mouse wheel symbol is displayed in the upper right corner of the hud.
There are three hud states which can be set with Ctrl (left) + B:
Open: mouse functionality active. In this state the mouse functionality of the vehicle’s camera (moving and zooming) is deactivated.
Open: mouse functionality inactive. Only displays the data, silos or tanks can not be changed. The mouse functionality of the vehicle’s camera is activated again.
Closed: the mouse functionality of the vehicle’s camera is activated.

Custom Naming
(requires knowledge of Giants Editor and XML editing!)
Each silo and liquid manure tank can be named individually by using a userAttribute in the map (i18n supported). Those names will also be saved to the XML entry of the corresponding silo in the savegame’s vehicles.xml file.
Custom naming example
in the silo’s tipTrigger / in the liquid manure tank’s liquidManureTrigger
modDesc.xml l10n
(BSH_ and the userAttribute’s value)

Farm pigs liquid manure
Hof Schweinemast Gülle

v2.0 (14 Jan 2015)
conversion to FS15
GUI update
add BGA data (especially BGAextension): bunker fill level, bunker/fermenter dry matter, current and historic generator power
add MP/DS support

Credits: Jakob Tischler & 2014–2015


BunkerSilosHud  (file size = 140 KB)

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