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BMW M3 E92 V 3.0

BMW M3 E92 V 3.0

BMW E92 M3 – Version 3.0

Current Release Notes: A small update of the BMW E92 M3. Thanks to Patrick and John 🙂

Changes 3.0: -new wheel colour -fixed texture warnings -performance and handling characteristics adjusted -now is rear wheel drive as it should be

M3 Features: -error free -colour selectable -open engine compartment with LMB up/down -low beam and high beam (wide angle) headlights -wheel tracks / dust -gets dirty/washable -lights ——————————————————————– Installation: -place the in \Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods ——————————————————————– Credits: -Patrick13——BMW E92 permission -clrsjohn——-BMW logo permission and help -ModHoster——mod hosting -Giants———the foundation -many others—-guides, tutorials, etc -EZP————stuff ——————————————————————– Previous release notes: Version 2.0: -new performance and handling characteristics -interior gauges now correctly indicate car speed, fuel level, and rpm* -removed trailer hitch (it’s an M3…if you want to pull something, get an X5 ) -removed high beam ‘cones’ (these were costing me fps so they had to go) -fixed flickering licence plates -eliminated ‘green glow’ on door trim, etc -reduced ‘green glow’ on tailights (this is giving me grief so it’ll have to do for now) -new store image, icon and text *technically, the rpm is not acurate, but IMO it’s more realistic to see about 4900 on the gauge rather than 8300 when at maximum speed) Version 1.0 (Patrick13) Many of you will remember from the BMW M3 LS 2013 so I rebuilt it a little and reprogrammed for you so that it works with the LS 2015 and is playable. Have fun with the BMW !!! Patrick13

Credits: EZP


BMW_M3_2008 (file size = 7 MB)


  1. Roland says:

    nice mod I have some ideas but I haven’t got any replying from any moder I’ve downloaded your mod my game recently good work (:

  2. EZP says:

    Thanks Roland. It was a nice mod to start with, I just tuned it a bit 🙂

    There might be a new version coming…not soon though 😉

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