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Fixes to V1.1b
Map zip file is fixed and will now load.
The Silo at Perfect Produce 2u has been replaced and is error free.
Online multiplayer tested and working

Credits: Giants, Stevie


brvHSSMFv11b_UNZIPME (file size = 660 MB)


  1. alexander says:

    hallo wo die zwei freie Plätze sind kann man nicht hinstellen den dann geht das Spiel aus wenn man da was hinsetzten will und muss neu Starten

  2. Justin Zaso says:

    Where can i find that truck in the pic

  3. Farmer_S says:

    This is a truly beautiful map. One sort of request, if I can, is could you possibly make the soybeans drop straw, and not just chopped straw? Only reason I am asking is because we use that for the straw for our cows where I work. Thanks, this map rocks.

  4. bazcam1981 says:

    I’m looking for the standard spec version but can only find the high spec one for download, how do I find it?

    • George Mullin says:

      Dont think you can, this map is based on High specs. its just how the Map was made/created.

      • bazcam1981 says:

        Just on one of the versions of this map it says there are 4 versions for download, high and low spec for regular and multifruit, all I can find is the high spec versions of the multifruit, it runs ok so far and is a great map but I haven’t really pushed my setup as of yet.

  5. George says:

    I’m having a problem with the PigForage from the Forage Master. I load up my trailer and take it to the pigs barn/pen and I get the unload option although when I hit unload it tells me PigForage not accepted here. I’m trying to put it in the feed troughs. Also I noticed when I pick it up the pig forage with my front loader bucket the texture is black and almost kinda looks like compost a little bit. Not sure if that’s a issue on my part or not. In a video I saw on YouTube the texture was the color of wheat and barley when it was in the trailer. If anyone knows what I could be doing wrong please let me know.

  6. Scorpion says:

    I’m having a problem with silos. I got grins like wheat (about 70.000) and it says that this silo is empty.
    Enybody knows what is wrong?

  7. Peter says:

    hay just want to say great map i was just wanting to know if you could re do the Missouri USA map from fs 2013 to fs 2015 it was a great map than but you would do it better now cheers keep up with th great maps

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