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Bjornelux V 3.0

Bjornelux V 3.0

Version 3.0
*Removed breakjoints off all signs, and Reflectorposts. They now have no collision. * Added Eggfactory near the Circus* * Added palletcollectors on all factorys, except the washedPotato* * Added cameraMonitor system on the Farm to monitor all Factory facillitys* * Some details added* * Some landscape changes* * Replaced several useless buildings with more functional ones* * Added collisions on Electricposts , which are also added on most major roads, where we thought they made sence. Collisions are removed from those that are next to fields, or could cause problems with the hired worker.* * Whashed potatoes are now easier to pick up. Pallets have their original size back.* * Startvehicles slightly!! changed, * Small errors corrected from the 2.2Final* So this should be the real final release of Bjornelux.

Welcome back to Bjornelux. 3.0



-Milk trigger hose connection by mahru (Trailer needed see recommended mods)

-choppedStraw mod

-GuelleMistKalk mod

-Doors openening and Barriers to open

-Automatic light in the cow stable and on the gates of the main sheds.

-Several light switches to be found on the farm to light up your farm during the night.

-pigs, beef and chicken2


-Aldi accepts eggs and UHT milk

-Butcher wich accepts beef pigs and chicken

-Silostorage on the farm of : Slurry , Water, Lime, Seeds, Fertilizer, Diesel,

-Manure/slurry sell at the newly created GardenCenter


-Feedstorage for Grass, Silage and Straw , Balestorage

-LOTS of additional nature.

-Fields joined and less rectangular, more natural.




-Chicken fattening installation

-Beetcutter to produce Mixed Feed


-Washed Pototoes

-UHT milk production

-Soilmod Ready
-PalletCollectors for all production facilitys exept the washed potato
-Camera system build on the farm to monitor your production facilitys
-and much more….

Log is error Free.

To continue your savegame, read the manual included in the package.(No need if you update from 2.1 or 2.2)

Mods included in the package have to be placed in your modfolder

Vehicle reset point has been replaced next to the Dealership. The strawsellpoint has been moved also; simply follow the signs “Stroverkoop” or you can sell it at the circus and newly created GardenCenter.

At the GardenCenter you will also find seeds, lime and fertilizer that can be bought throughout the normal triggers, or if you want to use the silos on the farm, you will have to get them with a trailer (see needed mods) and dump them in to your silos at the farm

This map is how WE want it and how WE like to play it, there is no mixing station and there will never be one , (we have however added the beetcrusher to create mixfeed from beets), also the possibility of storaging MIXFEED wil not be possible in future releases, as we don’t like that and it is unrealistic for us, but thats a matter of taste.

Thanks to all modders that made it possible for us to create this map. And if you see somthing I’ve built in to the map , and your name is not on the credits, please PM me and I will correct it immidiatly.

MultifruitMod :


Water/Milktrailer By Mahru

DieselZunhammer By Tobiasgo (to fill your tanks on the farm)
Fliegl Slurry Trailer

AnimationMapTrigger by Vertexdizgn


Slurrytransporttrailer (to transport slurry from pigs, beef, chicken , cows… to the slurrystorage or sellpoint at the GardenCenter

Animaltrailer holds all the animals on the map.
——————————————————————————————————-Recommended mods:

ChoppedStrawMod By UpsideDown

AutoCombine By Biedens

SiloExtension by UpsideDown

Multitrailer (to transport seeds, lime, fertilizer from the gardencenter to the farmsilos)

Have fun!

Credits: Chesco, Div3rsion, Trabby76


Bjornelux3.0_UNZIPMEFIRST (file size = 624 MB)


  1. R baker says:

    Love this map… but I noticed an error that you might look at. WHen I tried to hire a helper for harvesting the wheat field I noticed that at first the combine didnt move or harvest. I then started the field manually and then tried to hire the helper it locked up the card to where I had to leave the game through cntrl alt delete. Thanks again for looking at this look forward to using this map alot.

  2. R Baker says:

    Have been exploring this map vigorously. I have found some additions I would like to have but cant do. I would like to see an addition of kalk/lime quarry. maybe a change with one of the buildings on the hill above the main farm to a log cabin.

  3. JOE says:

    having trouble with the diessl download for the fuel tanker that i need. can someone help with that?

  4. Goose says:

    I found a seed machine in the corner in the yard can someone tell me how it works please

  5. Goose says:

    I am having a problem adding diesel in the sawmill can someone tell me where the unload point is please

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