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What we have here is default map with more fruit variety
Default fruits + oat dinkel rye triticale sunflower poppy millet.
Livestock includes cows sheep chickens chickens2 pig cattle lamb.
Underground storage for grass wheat chaff silage forage manure seeds compost.
Liquid manure storage.
Fermenting silo to produce silage from grass straw or chaff.

Seed master to make your own seeds from wheat barley maize or rape.
Mix station shed to produce forage for your livestock form straw grass silage.
Greenhouse production plant to produce pallets of cabbage lettuce tomato and cauliflower.
Composting plant to produce compost for you to use on your fields or sell.
Fertilizer silo to buy and store different types to use on your fields.
Map has built in chopped straw mod and Guelle Mist Mod
This map needs the ZZZ_64erFix mod as the fillable types have gone way above the default allowance (included in the zip download)
also icluded in zip is the ZZZ_multiFruit mod for this map

Credits: marthu pinguar farmer andy rc-devil upsidedown funky chtiseb power74 andy1978


extractMe (file size = 494 MB)

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  1. Danilo Frahm says:

    Die Map is supper!!! Die Frage die ich mir Stelle, wie kann ich die Gewächshäuser bestellen.

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