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Bjorn Holm Mining And Construction Economy V 2.0

Bjorn Holm Mining And Construction Economy V 2.0
Version 2 Mining & Construction Economy Map

If you are farming simulator purist then this map is not for you, because this map has many tasks to do instead of cultivating, harvesting, feeding animals etc.

tutorial_for_Mining_and_Construction Economy_v2

Credits: Nonnus


mining_construction_economy (file size = 571 MB)


  1. wolf567 says:

    with which truck or trailer loads the asphalt?

  2. Scr40 says:

    How to refuel sawmill?

  3. Jochem verkaik says:

    How and where can i get soil for the goldmaster

  4. ColBoy says:

    having trouble filling Universal tanker with tar at the refinery, “R” doesn’t do anything and it seems to fill automatically but very sporadic and only 50Ltr/Kg each time you run over the trigger, otherwise a really good mod well done

  5. ColBoy says:

    Jochem, you get soil down next to the Coal trigger past the stone area

  6. Filip says:

    Were do i get TAR ?

  7. Brian says:

    soil trigger don’t work cant get tar and terre wont dump at garden center any help would be great love the rest but was looking forward to the gold mining help please.

  8. douglas100 says:

    asphalt trigger doesn’t work when trying to load the lorry that carrys asphalt tried several lorrys that carry asphalt

  9. Сергей says:

    Куда девать доски после производства, ценников на них нет? И потом KWA-300 potato washer после отгрузки готового материала счётчик не обнуляется в следствии чего не запускается, обнуляется только после сохранения игры и перезагрузки.

  10. BAPTISTE says:


  11. BAPTISTE says:

    salut ta eu quoi a noel

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