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Bioland V 1.0

Bioland V 1.0

Bioland V1 by AGS team

The organic is a 4x Map with 7 field areas, these field areas can be seen in the administrative freikaufen.Am beginning you have 3 boxes (box 1.2 and 29) .Your start in the yard with a very small fleet and a small grain and Erdfruchtlager But you can zoom in, a so-called 3 in 1. The field areas which must have bought it by a big warehouse in advance to be plowed.

Apart from the whole field work you have also to supply several industries (Note the way there can be much) and there is a very large Forsthof where there is also a small sawmill, at the sawmill gets her then by delivery of logs and wood chips Holzpaletten.Es are still a big sawmill where their trunks can cast and chips only gets out.

Economic Activities

Sawmill small: wooden pallets

Sawmill great: wood chips

Flour mill: levy on barley, wheat and rye. Issue: flour

Schlachter: delivery of beef, pork and chicken. Issue: Meat

Erasco: delivery of meat, onions and potatoes edition: Goulash

Hofland: dispensing red cabbage, white cabbage and carrots edition coleslaw and compost

Greenland: delivery of potatoes output chips and compost

Greenland1: delivery soybean output soymilk and compost

Garden Centre fertilizer system: discharge manure, slurry and compost fertilizer output

Garden Centre Greenhouses (All): delivery of seeds, fertilizer, fuel and water

Dispensing tomatoes, lettuce and cauliflower (The output will not on pallets.)

Horseback riding: dispensing oats, mixed feed and straw output horse (Can be sold at the port)

AGIS: delivery triticale, corn and mixed feed output power feed

Broiler (Runs through the factory script): delivery of water, corn and fodder output chickens and eggs

Diesel: delivery of rapeseed and sunflower output diesel

Heating oil: delivery of diesel fuel oil output

Baker: delivery of rye, flour, eggs and sugar output bread

Sugar factory: supply of sugar beet, water, wood chips and compost sugar output

Winery: delivery of water, fertilizer, compost and seeds edition of Wine

Hopfenhof: delivery of water and seed output hops

Brewery: delivery of water, hops and barley output beer

All economic activities have to be supplied with all bask they do not run.

I thank all the mods I’ve built with.
A thanks goes out to the AGS team für’s ended the map and suggestions!

Required Mods
Map Buyable MapBuyableObject MapBuyableObject(danskVersion)

Start Vehicles:

Multi Overlay Hud: MultiOverlay

Multifruit Mod: multiFruit LS15 V3_0 ENTPACKEN PLEASE UNPACK

AnimationMapTrigger: AnimationMapTrigger

Credits: AGS team


Bioland (file size = 556 MB)

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