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Biogasanlange V 1.0 Beta

Biogasanlange V 1.0 Beta

What’s new?

Many revised textures and adapted to LS15.
Some improved textures and now seem a little “worn”.
Functioning weighbridge added in the hall.
Level indicator for the bunker-capacity added.
Ground textures adapted to the LS15 Standard.
Doors to the “Animation Map Trigger” adjusted.
The light from the flashing lights at the rolling gates is soft faded in and out.
Made performance optimizations on the model (no visual changes). For example, only one material per shape.
Many smaller adjustments to the model to be the innovations of LS15 accessible (eg, flickering textures at greater distances).
Small adjustments were unavoidable because innovations of LS15.


This biogas plant is completely walkable and each door can be opened! The important parts of the interior are reproduced and can be viewed in peace.
The BGA has all in all about 100,000 polys and consumes about 30 MB of video RAM. It is therefore comparable to a slightly detaillierterem, a larger vehicle. In addition, one must not forget that in the interior is also 100,000, which is partially hidden after 20-50 feet away, because they can no longer see anyway. The Clip Distance was adapted so well and resource-friendly as possible for all elements of the BGA.

This biogas plant has a real role model (The original is operated with much of solid and liquid manure, so it has no silos, so they do not correspond to the model).
The entire facility is completely accessible.
Important elements of the system (eg generators, transformers, …) are available.
Animated fans for engine and gas cooling.
Heat animation at the exhausts of the two generators.
Own sound for generators and cooling fans.
Complete AO texture.
Fully multiplayer compatible (over 20 hours with an average of about 4-5 players tested by MW Team)
For continuous operation it is necessary to fill the bunker once daily (just over 24 in-game time is the bunker empty).


In the bunker, you can tilt and manure, so it can also be operated with dung.
All doors and gates can be opened and are fully animated.
Number of silos in GE easily expandable.
Ladders can be used with the teleport trigger so-called.
In the slurry-filling the Mod “MapHoseRefStation” is already installed (to dock to a hose).
Level indicator in the manure-filling.


This is a beta version, the biogas plant is therefore not yet ready to 100%. The function of the overhead crane and bug fixes will be added in future versions!
No, the crane can not be used! Nevertheless, one can manage the BGA without problems.
The heat animation in the exhausts and sound of the generators are only there when the bunker of the BGA is not empty!
That move very slowly two of the fans is not a bug. Slowly rotating fans are switched off and move through the draft produced by other fans and wind.
At doors and stairs sometimes remains on foot hanging, but that has nothing to do with the BGA, but with the “new” character of LS15.

Technical Specifications

Bunker capacity: 200,000 l
Cesspit capacity: 800,000 l
Capacity of silos: 900,000 l
Number of roller doors: 4 (fully animated)
Number of doors: 15 (fully animated)

Required Mods

Animation Trigger Map


The installation and the installation in the Map is probably more complicated than one would expect from other Map objects, so I have written to a tutorial that describes how to install and adjustments with some tips and tricks: The biogas plant installation tutorial

Credits: Manuel, Modding-Welt Team


BGA (file size = 52 MB)

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