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BigFarm15 [FINAL]


Uploaded by Joa

Final Version
New in this Version
Added more Traffic in the Village to Dairy
Added more Objects
Added more Houses
Added more 300 Trees
Added (Meat Mod) you need Breeding to Produce Meat
Added (AnimalFood Mod) you need to Produce Breeding
Added one more Forest

Added two new Train Wood and Grain
Added a new point of Water now is free
Added Rocks
Added box for Mods and many more
Added a Eagle Flying around the map
Fixed Fields(number) and now you have two fields ready to start your career
Fixed Trigger Nueva now you can sell Forage and Silage Manure and LiquidManure
You need to start a new career.Have Fun
of course you need the PotatoWasher from ( MilkTruckTrigger from (Marhu) to take milk from your cows and put the Saegewerk from (Marhu) in your mod folder

Credits: Marhu Luculus Tiago Piloneto upsideDown Joa Giants and the others to the objects


BigFarmFinalUNZIP (file size = 557 MB)


  1. AlexEagle says:

    i have a problem with the silo food because i have full the food silo with potatoes but when i go under the food silo, the silo dont load the trailer… ps the trailer is in the mod of the bigfarm15 final version trailer pack

  2. craig says:

    ive got 2 questions

    1. wheres the woodchip storage on the map

    2. where the fixed feed mixer

    ive searched everywhere and even opened it up in G.E

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