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Beta Buncher

farming simulator 2015 mods

exclusiveUploaded by Rambow145

This is a new feller buncher that I put together in 2 days and it still could be better but I wanted to get it in the works I will do a better one some time but this is something to play around with for now. the head Is from FDR’s feller buncher I re-did it a little and made it bigger.

I had 7 small trees in the head at one time before they shot out. you have the controls of the head no more push cut and it holds the log for you.

you push cut and you have to hold the log and open the arms up to let it go no more shutting it off you drop the log.!!

Credits: Rambow145,FDR


Beta_Buncher (file size = 18 MB)


  1. Senpai says:

    Really liking this one. Would love to see it with AWS and tracks. It is a bit of a pain to steer with a keyboard, so AWS would really help.

  2. Rambow145 says:


  3. woodcutter says:

    I can´t change the lenght of stock from 0, and it don´t cut.

    • Rambow145 says:

      you can’t delimb with it. The code has been taken out. And it takes a little time getting use to it. You some times have to get the head just right on the tree for the cut to show up, Then when you see the (cut) push the key or button and it will cut the tree and you have to grab the tree. I tested it for about a day. It took about a day to get it working. then about a day for testing and working the bugs out that I could get out in a day. 🙂 It will show 0 but it cuts.

  4. Davis Modding says:

    Hey Rambo145, I just want to say i’m a big fan of all your mods. I especialy like the cat 994f mining loader for pv15. And could you take the head an make it so it can be attached to regular wheel loaders. Thanks, Davis Modding

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