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Belgique Profonde V 2.5

Belgique Profonde V 2.5

Uploaded by Fogki


What Changes?
-Fixed Of recurring bugs encountered by players
-Added Traffic
-Optimization Textures
-Reorganization Farm
-Barrières And doors with manual opening (Contremanifestation)
-Ability To give pdt pigs and calves beet
-New textures
-New animals
-culture oats

required mod


Credits: FraBel-Ls Modding fusigrain > silot a betterave Jakob Tischler > additionalFruitTypes upsidedown > addMultiFruit,… webalizer ChoppedStraw > FruitSiloBand, GuelleMistMod,…. et tout les autres modder, scripter


BelgiqueProfonde_V2_5 (file size = 258 MB)


  1. Ben says:

    i downloaded this mod and really enjoyed the 20 min i was able to play but i stopped playing and went to load it later and it is not loading after waiting 20-30 min

    • Tom Dewulf says:

      same problem here. I downloaded it. at the first time i load this map the game is loading forever. do i miss a necessary mod? (I have the animationmaptrigger already)

    • George Mullin says:

      its possible you have a mod conflict, what you need to do is back up all your mods and then use only the mods that come with the map. then try loading the map. if it loads then you can try loading back all your mods until you find out which mod is causing it, also you can check your game log as that will also tell you where your problem is.

  2. Graham says:

    just wonted to say that i downloaded this map 2day and wow its such a joy to play and pleasure guy and well done on a superb map best ive played on this year the animal side of it is my most liked but the rest to go with makes it a perfect map in all ive only spent 3hrs so onit but im going to be playing this map for long long time thanks guys

  3. doudou says:

    on fait coment pour ouvrir les porte

  4. doudou says:

    ses urgent svp !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. doudou says:

    mais faut i acheter ou pas

  6. doudou says:

    super maps autrement sa ne marche plus je ne peut plus alait dessus

  7. doudou says:

    tu peu faire la v3.0 la mémé mais avec les portes ouvert

  8. Blain1971 says:

    Not sure how to use the Compost machine. What does it require and what attachment do I use for it? Also is Chopped Straw part of the map now? It drags my FPS down unless I’m playing on low settings. Finally where is the water tanks for pigs and beef? Thx in advance.

  9. SCHMUDELGUS says:

    sehr gute map

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