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Version 3.2.1
– Added Plant Oil
– Sawmill works for wool, wood chips
– Prices in the shops on the different products, depending on the remoteness of the place of loading.
– Changed parameters of mills, bakery, oil plant.

– Large Map Russian
– Large, not cultivated fields, new textures
– Fields with mud holes
– Standard Fruits and Sunflower
– Cows, Sheep, Chickens, Cattle and Pigs
– Several farms for Soviet Art
– Trench silos
– Manure storage
– Storage for all crops
– Garage with workshop
– Purchase points
– Sawmill with gate
– Different ways full of mud holes
– Transport, Pedestrians, Trains
– Overpasses, Bridges, new items
– Hamlet
– Excellent terrain, beautiful nature
– Transport milk for sale
– There is a pond where you can catch fish

Credits: ben686(Den Ben), Andrey Zykov (hmanis)


Baldeykino_v_3.2.1_Unpack (file size = 435 MB)


  1. damian mertes says:

    the folder is in a rar version I need it to be in a zip version. please make it a zip version

  2. guest says:

    Unzipping a rar file is VERY VERY easy, so easy that if you had had the sense to go to google, bing, yahoo, or any other search engine you would have received “win-rar” as a suggestion…..but I guess, expecting anyone to do some actual leg work for themselves now-a-days is asking for a miracle….

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