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Good evening everyone here is the map auvergne mulifruits version on this card can cultivate: but barley, colzat, wheat, sunflower, rye, oats, potatoes sugar beets,
you will also find a cariere with sand, gravel, cement, concrete you need to deliver the dam to teminer the book
sloild the mods is prensent on the map with silos that you will find in both Femes

You also find a quarry kalk.

Two other cultures are presented the clover and alfalfa that you can go venrdre at the plant to produce biofuel.

to exploit the great wooden sicierie more different wood are at your provisions.

animals are the original ones mouitons cows and hens. pigs and calves are in PUK available if you wish to add it enough for you to download the mods surmodsub locations are planned near cows and sheep.

another shook evolutions available in late August with the ajous cherry fruit apples pears with orange olive plants derivates production.

the bank granted a loan to you for your installation and new materials is arivés the concession

Credits: dj6310, tilou42


auvergne_mulit_pack (file size = 706 MB)

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