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Apache Demolition Pack- Unpack


Uploaded by chubbzfarmz

There are 4 vehicles in this pack including Truck, Lowboy Trailer, and 2 Excavators with buckets and grapples. Enjoy……

Credits: zorlac, chubbzfarmz


Apache-Demolition-Pack-Unzip (file size = 34 MB)


    • Rambow145 says:

      I like the music 🙂 I think this music is the same as the gta 5 when you first start and its showing you the world:) good video 🙂

    • Chubbzfarmz says:

      all this shows is you own the mod not uploaded it, i re-tweaked and uploaded it and once in the server is fair game, cry somewhere else, have a great day

      • Rambow145 says:

        very true, sharing is caring if some one can bring something to the game that every one wants and no one is doing no need to wait to the very first uploader to fix it because they most like-lee wont they have moved on to bigger greater things !! And if these guys that claim to be so good at modding why do you see them bring out the same stuff every one else has made so we should have like 500 of the same mod but has a new sound or paint. And if they was so good at modding why does it take them months to fix something when I really don’t have a clue what a lot of this stuff means and I can just about make any mod working right in 8 hours just the paint I am slow at but never really stopped to fig it out. I had no help on modding I had to pick it and try 😉

  1. zorlac says:

    Thank you for respecting my work; although I have not done much.
    painting only. I also would like to see the other models to rectify what I said … videos such as TRUCK Translait.

    • says:


      Dear zorlac I want to let you know that we received all your modifications but they are not eligible to be published on our network due to the following reason: modifications are password protected. Thank you!


  2. zorlac says:

    No worries. I understand your position very well, however, understand that we post and for avoiding the kind of behavior we have seen on your page for example. The Uploader will not have to appear in the credits as much as we creator paintings are not cités.Se did not how you serve the comunity.

    • says:

      We ask all uploaders to provide in “Credits” section all authors of modifications submitted but if they are not mentioned we are not going to modify “Credits” section because we don’t know them unless the author leave a comment or contact us and provide some details. Thank you!


    • Rambow145 says:

      And if someone removes it out of the modDesc then we have no clue who’s it was, then it’s a he say she say fight. You would have to find the very first one that took your name out and tell them about it this is why I do video’s on the mods I upload this way some one takes my name out of it, the video will date the time of use and others will say oh hey Rambow145 came up with that first!! So this is why I don’t care if my name gets in the credits any way and it just starts a big fight and then no one will want to upload and there for all the good mods will go bye bye modder will keep them for there self’s 😉


  3. zorlac says:

    – LandSimu-Zocker/RE SKIN TRANSLAIT ZORLAC 1.0 – Milchtruck TRANSLAIT Milchtruck TRANSLAIT – Milchtruck TRANSLAIT Milchtruck TRANSLAIT

  4. zorlac says:


  5. Shyathlis says:

    I am so glad to see Zorlac being called out, with his password protecting, etc.

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