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Oberammergau Alps V 2.0 Final

The map is installed:

– Zugschrankenscript
– Woolpalettecollector
– Mixing Station
– pig
– Cattle fattening
– Broiler (This must be fed on corn instead of potatoes / sugar)
– Liquid manure Kalkmod
– Sandmod
– Manual milk collection and sale
– Watermod

AMMERGAUER ALPEN V2.0 FINALfarming simulator 15 mods

main courtyard:
Here you will find numerous storage facilities, a new clamp silage, the mixing station, food storage for potatoes – beet – Grass – hay, silos for feed, gas stations and the cow pasture with ball bearings.
Broiler: breeding chickens (Trailer for pickup is purchasable under mods), manual removal of manure
Pig: pig breeding, manual removal of manure
Beef cattle: cattle breeding, manual removal of manure
Slaughterhouse: Sale of pork and beef
KFC: sale of chickens
Train: sale of fruits, sand stock
Sawmill: Sale of wood (sales trigger adapted for large-trailer)
Garden centers: purchase of grain, grass sale, purchase of eggs
Dairy: Sales of milk
Bioenergy: sale of manure, manure, hay, straw, grass
Spinning: Sale of Wool
Windmill: Sale of fruits
BGA: Self-explanatory:-)

Your needs a sales trailer for milk and the ChoppedStraw Mod

Credits: Nubsi


AmmergauerAlpenLS2015V2 (file size = 541 MB)

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