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AddFillTypes V 1.5

AddFillTypes V 1.5

New from V 1.5:
– All trailers / blades that can load chopped, can now also upload grass (grass_windrow, dryGrass_windrow). It is used by the ParticleSystem shredded when no ParticleSystem is registered for grass, unless the ParticleSystem from the chaff is present.
– All trailers / blades that can load wood chips can now invite straw (wheat_windrow, barley_windrow). It is the ParticleSystem used by the chips if no ParticleSystem is registered for straw, unless the ParticleSystem of wood chips is available.
– All trailers / blades can load the silage exception Wagon / transport wagons, can now also load of crap. It is the ParticleSystem of the silage used when no ParticleSystem is registered for crap, unless the ParticleSystem of silage is present.

Fixes from v 1.5:
– The problems saving or termination, which some had in V1, should now be history. If this is not the case, I’m really at a loss.

The whole thing is quite useful for food storage. Especially since you can also load mixed feed by shovel now. The loading wagon can now load compound feed and silage thereby. In the originals but then you have the AbladeparticleSystem of chaff. I therefore processed accordingly and inserted into the zip 3 wagons and the HTW. Then you buy the trailer in the mods category, then the Particlesysteme also attached.

If you have a map with manure or dung sale interim storage, so you can use almost any trailer for it now.

It is of course also possible to also undergo Multi Fruit Capable, but before it is no ordinary multi-fruit Map here makes little sense.

Credits: Ifkonator


addFillTypes1 (file size = 32 KB)

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