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ls15 mods

ls15 mods


We proud ourselves to offer for all our visitors the following:

+ all new ls15 mods daily (we have a team that search the INTERNET for all new ls15 mods on a daily basis and they upload and share them on our site for you, you must visit us couple times per day to check if there’s new mods for LS15)

+ free direct download for mods (mods are uploaded on our own high-speed dedicated servers, you don’t have to visit 3rd party networks such as MediaFire, Uploaded etc to download mods, no more pop-ups, no more pop-unders, no paying for mods, no waiting for mods)

+ highest download speed connection  (we use the best CDN(content delivery networks) to give you the truly the highest download speed connection for mods, if you find a website with higher download speed let us know to increase even more the download speed for your country, please note if download speed is limited by your INTERNET provider we cannot help and you should talk to your INTERNET provider to increase your download speed)

+ post your ls15 mods on our website for free (if you create ls 15 mods you can add your modifications – for free and very easy to our website, once you finish all instructions click SUBMIT button and your mod will be quickly reviewed by one of our team and approved)

You want more?

+ We have over 36.000 fans on Facebook

+ We have over 8000 fans on Google+

Even more?

+ We have a new forum where you can find solutions for LS15 related problems, post your mods wishes, talk about Farming Simulator 15 and farming in general whenever you want.

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Suggestions, Problems, Issues – send message to the manager – use Contact form.


Note: very few mods for LS15 are not hosted by us due to copyright. Sorry 🙁

This issue will be solved once we establish a partnership with all modders.

Happy Farming Everyone!


  1. daniele says:

    mi date perfavore il gioco di farming simulator15 mods con trucchi

  2. jochem verkaik says:

    wat happens with the site
    the last mod is from 10 may

  3. CanadianBadass says:

    why havent their been any new mods the past 2 days?

  4. Chevy power says:

    Whats goin on?

    • says:

      The entire network has been locked down for last 2 days by my administrator, I apologise because there was no updates in the last 2 days but for sure all ls15 mods will be published in the next hours. Thanks you so much for your understanding. And don’t stop upload mods to us, we still run the $100 Contest!


  5. Rambow145 says:

    I like the new look on website!!

  6. Chevy power says:

    Im not a huge fan of the new website but its alright

    • says:

      It’s in testing phase, we may reinstall the other look after tests are finished.

      How the site is loading on your end now guys?

      Thanks for your feedback.


      • Farmer_S says:

        The site loads good, but I can’t say I’m truly a fan of the new look. If the test turn out similar to what the original was, my opinion is go back to the original.

      • Rambow145 says:

        Way faster now, It was getting so slow to load up.

        • says:

          During peak hours, I mean during hours with very high traffic the loading speed is a little slow for some countries, since our servers are in Germany to load the site for US visitors is taking longer due to so many visitors we get on a daily basis and other factors.

          Let’s keep the new design to see if there’s improvements on loading on your end guys or it was just for a day or so. Also don’t forget to let us know when you guys notice the site is loading slow than usually. Thanks a bunch!


  7. Chevy power says:

    I like the idea that you dont have to use an external source to download from but I dont like the setup of the website. I say keep the download idea and go back to the old similar website setup.

  8. says:

    Few changes implemented, hope you like it more now, but if you don’t it’s okay since this is just testing purpose. At first sight it seems the network is loading with higher speed now but it just needs to run more time to clearly see the performance.

    Can you guys name the thing you would like to see, colors, menu and other stuff regarding the look of the site now?


    • farmboy002 says:

      I love the fact that there is no adds or pop-ups. But I think you need to make a category for just forestry mods… So far I like the new look…

      • farmboy002 says:

        I met to type I love the fact that there is no pop-ups.

        • says:

          We hate pop-ups and pop-unders and other crazy ads and network will never have such ads, we have clean ads only from advertising partnership with Google which is the best advertising network in the world. Only good stuff here. Don’t forget to visit us on a daily basis. Thanks a million!


  9. Exdog101 says:

    Hey, like the new design, i like wt you’re doing, especially as a modding community.

    P.S. Keep up the good work modders, and website owners! 😀

    • says:

      Thank you Exdog101! Words like yours keeps us very motivated. Have a wonderful day ahead!


  10. Z says:

    I like the new font / site, looks cleaner and more professional.

    I kinda wish for more sub-categories to search from, forestry, vintage as a couple main ones. Also, existing categories could be split up as well…ie: implements broken down into a few more…balers, seeders, cultivators, weights, etc

    The thing I’d really like to see though is more mods listed per page. I think only 5 show right now…please add a dew more (10 is such a nice number…and 20 is twice as nice. It makes it hard to search this site…try browsing 500+ tractors 5 at a time…it’s tedious.

    Lastly…and probably hopelessly, I have to say it would be nice if modders could update and/or add variations to a mod they have already posted rather than create a new mod page. The 27 (or whatever) Ford F350 trucks on this site are a bit of a joke. It makes for a cluttered mess.

    Thanks for the handy downloading of ‘scared to click on’ mods.

    • says:

      Hi Z,

      First off thank you for taking your time to leave your feedback, means alot to us.

      Regarding sub categories, I think couple months ago I was talking with my administrator and the chances to add more categories are pretty low to be frank, there’s already many of categories, splitting and adding even more will be crazy. But you can always do a “Search” for desired keyword and it pull out the most of mods you looking.

      Regarding the number of ls15 mods per page, indeed was 5, couple minutes ago I was talking with my administrator regarding your feedback and he said “increase it to 7 mods per page since we got 7000+ mods on our database at the moment”.

      Regarding modders uploads, very good point here, my administrator said this feature to edit/add modifications to existing uploads will be implemented once the testing with the new design is finished(in couple days or max. a week) on our “Add Modification” portal and new data provided will be added on top of the old description and if is bug fix type of version the older version will be deleted and replaced with the newest version.

      Let me know if you have other suggestions. Thank you!


  11. Z says:

    Well, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad as they say 🙂

    I understand on the sub-cats…not a big deal.
    Great news on the mods per page. Thank you!
    I look forward to seeing the edit/adds mod feature (and any other new features).


    Oh…ok…one last suggestion. Search by category. Example of a recent experience…searching for a Ford tractor, I enter Ford and search brings up anything with Ford in the title. There are many as you might expect. Mostly those Ford pick ups…then about 8 pages in I find an old Ford tractor. Page 10 another Ford tractor. It’s frustrating. Nice slick searching is a feature I miss here as the other sites I visit normally have this.

    Thanks again 🙂

  12. Cowboy2300 says:

    CONGRATS on over 10000 mods!

  13. josh says:

    ad some god damm mods forget the fs 17 shit

  14. josh says:

    you think you fucking smart dont you stop erasing my comments fucking manger!!!!!!

  15. josh says:

    why did the mods stop coming? plz reply… sad

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