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Uploaded by RussianFarmer


In the beginning we wanted to build something else, but the idea had what)
At the request of (hyazinthlindauer) I present to you the
Abfallmodpack placeable.

That the Abfallmod works must -upk mod of mor2000 be downloaded.

Here the link;
Universial processkit; mods/universalprocesskit–2

The pack includes:
Placeable dustbins, a garbage truck, bucket, tank trailers for diesel and water and a placeable incinerator.
Simply the zip file in the Modsordner and the addition of UPK mod
mor2000 v0.9.8 and ready.

1.Mülltonnen before houses etc .. place (where you want to halt ^^)
2.Remove garbage pick with the garbage truck.
3.the garbage in Müllverbrenungsfabrik tilt, and fill the incinerator with water and diesel.
Fertilizer (dry) will incur as a byproduct, which you can then boot with a blade on your fertilizer spreader.
Have the fertilizer chosen because the people where the Standartmap play, even what should have it.
The where wants to can like to alter in what you want. (Compost …. or else)
Bear in mind this is only the beginning, let’s see how it is accepted.
For the explanation why a word ^^ It will re-enter messages with me, how are the lol with the mod ^^
(Dediserver Ready)

IMPORTANT!!!!!! (PLACE) the incinerator
It should be a larger field and bought ^^
Factory has a small ramp, but if it can be done should not be the field all too uneven.
A BIG THANKS TO the modders WHOSE MODS have been WERE USED.
Without one or the other mod it would not have gone to the quick.
Tank trailer for diesel and water;
(kotte universal of farmer andy in pack containing 1000 zusatzmods avoid)

Credits: Modell: Susi 28
Textur: Susi 28
Script: marhu und moor2000 und giants
Idee / Konzept:
Tester: Susi 28/wingi
Sonstige: credits;Feuer;grisu,Gebäude;möchtegernbauer,skript mahru, UPK Mor2000,Wingi,gigant,/Tankanhänger für Wasser und Diesel;Farmer_Andy


aac_UPK_AbfallModPack_placeable (file size = 89 MB)

One comment

  1. Wolf67 says:

    OK, this is the first mod by Susi 28 that actually works for me, and I have to say it’s fun and takes up time you would spend waiting for stuff to grow.
    But there are a couple things that could be better, for one, the garbage truck has a spare tire that hangs from nothing, and the rear wheals or the fenders are off set. Other then that works great. 2. the Plant sits way to high on the ground, as well as the garbage bins, just looks weird, if I new how I would fix this, but I have no idea how the game knows high high to set placable objects.
    And I have a request to go with this mod, a ground dump, so you can use a wheel loader to scoop out and dump at plant latter.

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